A sound bath is an experience that allows your body to be submerged in sacred sounds that help relax the body and induce meditation. It is journey to help you connect your mind+ body+ spirit. People tend to feel a greater sense of clarity, focus, and peace after a sound bath.

Jennifer uses crystal singing bowls to help align the 7 chackras also known as the lymphatic system. The bowls are tuned to 432 hz; a frequency which has many healing effects on the body. She also uses the Universal Healing gong to help clear the subconscious mind; since the brain cannot process these sounds.

What should I bring…

When you come to a sound bath be sure to dress very comfortably. Pajamas, yoga clothing, sweats, t-shirt, cozy socks, or whatever you feel most comfortable lying down in. Bring a yoga mat, blanket, and pillow to insure a comfortable experience. Optional: eye masks, leg pillow, essential oils, crystals

What to expect..

Expect to hear different sounds from different musical instruments. The goal is for you to allow the sounds to wash away stress and allow yourself to relax. Expect that you may fall asleep. If you do, you still will receive the same benefits. If you are a snorer, please lay on your side, prop your head with a pillow, and bring nose strips if possible.